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Instagram DM notifications replacing usernames with numbers? You’re not alone

There is a weird glitch on Instagram right now that is replacing username with numbers whenever someone receives a DM notification. So, instead of showing the users who sent the message, a weird and long number shows up. It appears to be affecting Android devices only.

This weird string of numbers shows up in the notification bar every time someone receives a DM. While other notifications related to Instagram are working as usual. So, it could possibly mean that a bug is affecting the Instagram DM mechanism.

Instagram DM notification replacing username with numbers

For many users, this problem has become a significant annoyance. A few individuals are inquiring as to whether Instagram just released an update that modified the notifications system. However, others believe that their account has been compromised or hacked.

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Reports indicate that many users are convinced that the DM notification is somehow showing the IP number of the recipient. However, given that every report shows almost the same number, starting with the digits “340282366”, it seems improbable at best.

Several concerned users have also taken to social media platform, Reddit, to understand the reason behind this glitch. However, despite going through various threads, the root cause of the problem remains unknown to me. There are mere speculations from users end too. You can check out the thread below:

Serie of numbers instead of name
byu/LordLupusDei inInstagram

No official comment

The unresponsiveness from the official team at the moment only intensifies users’ concerns. There is also no potential workaround that can help fix the issue temporarily. So, the best course of action is to wait patiently for the team to come up with an acknowledgment along with a permanent fix.

Apart from that, users may try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it fixes the issue. You may also try clearing your cache and data for the Instagram app. If you come across any tips or potential fixes, then do let me know in the comment section below.

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