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Unable to invite or add friends in The Finals? Here’s what you need to know (fix inside)

The Finals is an upcoming first-person shooter, developed and published by Nexon subsidiary Embark Studios. The game focuses on team-based matches on environmentally-destructible maps. Players are encouraged to use the dynamic environment to their advantage. Open beta is now live on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation but The Finals players are unable to invite or add friends.

Unable to invite or add friends in The Finals

Despite the exhilarating gameplay that The Finals offers, players have found themselves facing a perplexing issue. Players are unable to invite or add friends to their games. To add to the dilemma, players have reported that there is no option to send out friend requests as well.

Unable to invite friends in The Finals

On top of this when players venture into the social menu of the game, they are confronted with an absence of their friends’ names. Whether it’s in the list, party, recent, or requests sections, friends seem to vanish into thin air. This makes it virtually impossible to add them.

Another frustrating aspects is that when players check their friends list, it displays everyone as offline, even when they are actively playing the game. This leads to confusion and make it nearly impossible to discern who is available to play with.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, the developers at Embark Studios are aware of the issue. They have acknowledged the existence of this problem and have made it clear that it is a known issue stemming from the latest fixes on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

The Finals support

Potential workarounds

While waiting for the developers to address this issue in future updates, I have discovered some workarounds:

    1. Reboot Both Clients: The official workaround suggested by the developers is for both parties, that is, you and your friend, to reboot your game. This simple step involves restarting the game on both ends.

    2. Enable Crossplay in Settings: Another workaround that has been discovered by players is that the ‘add friend’ button appears when you enable crossplay in the game’s settings.

    3. Steam Browser Console Command: If you’re playing The Finals on Steam and are still encountering issues with friend invitations, you can use a more technical workaround. Open The Finals in your Steam browser, press F12 to access the browser console, and then enter the following command: RequestPlaytestAccess(). This command should grant you direct access and enable you to connect with your friends more smoothly.

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