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Is Google ending media alarms (setting favorite music as alarm) support in Nest speakers in Feb. 2024? Here’s what to know

If you aren’t a morning person, then it’s highly likely that you cringe at the sound of your default morning alarm. Luckily, Google has a neat solution to this problem where you can set a favorite song, artist, genre or even an entire playlist as your alarm on a Google Nest or Home speaker or smart display.

Google introduced support for media alarms on Home and Nest speakers back in 2018. This meant no more waking up to a wailing alarm. Instead, you can ask Google Assistant to play your favorite song to start off your day. Unfortunately, this feature is not working properly on several Google Home and Nest speakers. The problem started a few days ago, and it’s beginning to take an interesting twist.

Is Google ending media alarms support in Nest speakers?

A few days ago, I bumped into reports on Reddit about media alarms not working. Naturally, setting up media alarms should be a breeze with the help of voice commands. But for some reason, the Nest speaker won’t play the selected song when time comes. Not even typing in the info makes a difference, which suggests the feature could be broken.


No doubt media alarms are a great way to ensure you don’t start your day on the wrong foot. But the feature hasn’t been working properly in the recent past. And suddenly, those affected are now seeing a notification saying that support for media alarms on Google Nest smart speakers will be going away from February 2024.

No official word from Google

Like several other Google Home features, media alarms on Nest smart speakers are limited to the U.S. While the feature is available in English, French (France and Canada), German, Japanese and Spanish languages. You cannot use it when outside the U.S. in countries with supported languages like the UK, France, Germany, Japan or Spain.

But for those using it in the U.S., the sudden appearance of a notification about ending support for media alarms on Nest speakers in February is shocking. Apparently, the message appears on the Nest Hub screen, and no one has captured it so far. Also, there’s no official word from Google regarding this development.

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I have contacted Google support for clarification, so stay tuned for updates as soon as I have something to share. Meanwhile, do let us know in the comments how you feel about Google potentially axing support for media alarms from Nest speakers.

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