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Spider-Man 2 keeps crashing on PS5; frustrated players kick-start petition for a quick fix

If you’ve recently fired up your PlayStation 5 to swing around New York City as Spider-Man, you might have been hit with an unpleasant surprise. Spider-Man 2 players are lamenting the game’s persistent crashing on the PS5. Yes, it’s a web of frustration that’s been weaving itself since the game’s launch.

Spider-Man 2 crashing on PS5

So, what exactly is happening? For some unlucky Spidey fans, this crash happens right at the loading screen, while others experience it during cutscenes. And then, there are those who suffer random crashes.

One common nemesis that players encounter is the error code CE-108255-1. It’s become the Joker to their Batman, the Green Goblin to their Spider-Man, or… you get the idea. This error code doesn’t discriminate as it appears randomly, and it’s not picky about when it strikes. Some players report it shows after just a mere 10 minutes of gameplay. Then, there are those who can barely get the game started before it crashes on the initiating screen.

Spider-Man 2 crashing on PS5
Source: PhilosopherDull6241/Reddit

This game, Spider-Man 2, is a big deal for fans. Insomniac Games promised an even more immersive and spectacular experience, and I want to believe in them. But when your game can’t even get past the intro without crashing, it’s hard to convince everyone.

Official workarounds not working

Now, let’s talk about what players have done to tackle this issue. They’ve tried the generic workarounds provided by the devs. Rebooting, reinstalling, and changing their PS5 settings. But these solutions aren’t cutting it.

Petition for a quick fix

The frustration among players is palpable. They’ve taken to online forums, venting their grievances and sharing their tales of woe. Some players have even gone a step further, starting a petition for a quick fix. They’re not asking for the much, they just want a game that works.

Spider-Man 2 petition
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It’s understandable why players are getting so vexed. They’ve spent their hard-earned money on the game, invested their time and emotions into it, and now, they can’t even enjoy it properly. Spider-Man deserves better, and so do the fans who’ve been itching to become the legendary web-slinger once more.

Let’s hope that a fix for Spider-Man 2’s crashing problem is in the works and that it’s swinging into action soon.

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