iOS 18 Wishlist: Users want to see these features and improvements

Even though iOS 17 is basically fresh out of the oven there’s a collective wishlist of features and improvements that users are eagerly anticipating with iOS 18 already. In this article, we will elucidate specific items on their wish list and shed light on what users are hoping to see in this upcoming release.

Frustrated with the numerous bugs in iOS 17, users are eagerly looking forward to a fresh iOS version, one that promises exciting new features and improvements. What they desire most is a bug-free experience that enhances the functionality of their iPhones, making it more effective and user-friendly.


New features and improvements users are seeking from iOS 18

I have gathered a good collection of the features and improvements that users wish to see in iOS 18 from different online platforms like Reddit, MacRumors, and Twitter. Check them out below:

Native Widget Maker

Users wish for Apple to include an official Widget Maker in iOS 18, allowing iPhone users to create widgets that can access all phone functions without relying on third-party apps.

The Widget Maker is a user-friendly application that enables you to craft custom widgets effortlessly. With this tool, you can personalize your widgets by selecting your preferred background images, choosing a widget style, and effortlessly placing them on your home screen.

Additionally, you have the freedom to input your favorite text, making it a versatile and creative widget-building solution. Indeed, incorporating Apple’s Widget Maker into iOS 18 would be a highly beneficial addition.


StandBy mode for iPadOS

There is a growing demand among users for the inclusion of a StandBy mode in iPadOS, allowing them to transform their iPads into dynamic photo frames. This innovative feature eliminates the need for physical photo frames and the tedious process of printing and swapping out pictures. With the StandBy mode, your photos come to life with vibrant colors and the bonus of showcasing video clips alongside your still images. Furthermore, StandBy provides a range of enjoyable functionalities.

The StandBy feature, a welcomed addition in iOS 17, has been well-received by users. Consequently, those who also use iPads are eager for this functionality to be extended to their devices. This enhancement would enable them to fully leverage the benefits of the StandBy mode on their iPads, further enhancing the user experience.

Magic Eraser and Nap Tracking

I’ve noticed that users have been requesting two specific features: a ‘Magic Eraser’ for photos, inspired by Google’s functionality, and ‘Nap Tracking’ functionality within the Sleep app. These enhancements are intended to improve photo editing and sleep-tracking capabilities.

The ‘Magic Eraser’ feature, akin to Google’s offering, allows users to effortlessly remove distracting elements from their photos. To use it, you simply tap the ‘Magic Eraser’ tool, then draw a circle around or scribble over the object you want to eliminate from your photo. This feature streamlines the photo editing process and helps maintain the main focus of the image.

On the other hand, users are also advocating for the addition of ‘Nap Tracking’. This feature would enable users to record their sleep patterns, allowing them to monitor their overall sleep performance and gain a better understanding of their sleep quality and consistency. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing their sleep-tracking experience.

iMessage reminders and Polling

Many users are calling for the integration of scheduled message reminders and polling capabilities into group conversations, aiming to reduce their reliance on third-party shortcuts for accessing these features.

Scheduled messages provide a valuable way for users to engage their recipients at the most opportune moments. This feature offers crucial flexibility, particularly for copywriters who wish to compose their messages in advance and have them delivered at an optimal time. In situations where teams collaborate across different time zones, scheduling messages during peers’ working hours proves to be not only convenient for the sender but also respectful to the recipient.

Polls, on the other hand, serve as a powerful tool for conveying a message to peers and customers. They signal that you’re actively listening, that you care, and that you’re dedicated to gaining a better understanding of their perspectives.


iPhone USB-C for Monitor use

Certain users are expressing their desire for iPhone USB-C connectivity that would enable them to link their iPhones to external monitors. This proposed feature would essentially transform the iPhone into a fundamental MacOS workstation.

In other words, users are hoping for the ability to use their iPhones like how they would use a traditional Mac computer, by connecting it to an external monitor through a USB-C port. This expanded functionality could provide users with a larger screen and additional capabilities for work or entertainment.

Control Center and Notification Center redesign

There is a diversity of opinions among users regarding the desired improvements in iOS 18. Some users advocate for a revamp of the Control Center and Notification Center, hoping for a fresh and updated design that will create curiosity among users. In contrast, another group is eager for increased customization options to tailor their iOS experience to their individual preferences and needs.


Photo editing enhancements

Users are eager for the Photos app to offer enhanced photo editing capabilities, allowing them to make the most of their camera and photo-related functionalities. These additional editing features would enable users to enhance and fine-tune their photos, resulting in a more enjoyable and effective experience when capturing and working with images.

Dolby Atmos Support

Several users have put forth a request for the inclusion of Dolby Atmos support for non-Apple headphones in iOS 18. The rationale behind this request is to elevate the audio experience on iOS devices, providing users with the option to enjoy the enhanced audio quality that Dolby Atmos technology can deliver, even when using headphones that are not made by Apple. This addition would broaden the range of headphones that can tap into the benefits of Dolby Atmos, enriching the overall audio experience for iOS users.


Live TV services integration

The users’ wishlist includes a request for the integration of live TV services directly into the TV app. This would simplify the process of accessing content from providers such as Sling and Comcast. In other words, users are asking for the ability to seamlessly watch live television through the TV app, eliminating the need to switch between different apps or platforms to access content from these providers.

Now Playing across devices

Users are requesting a feature that would enable them to see a list of all their connected devices in the ‘Now Playing’ section. This feature would provide them with the ability to keep track of what’s currently playing on one device from a different device, making it easier to control and monitor their audio and media playback across multiple devices.

Wallet App improvements

Users are suggesting that the Wallet app should provide detailed information, including account balances and transaction history, for all the cards they have added. This enhancement is aimed at facilitating more effective financial management by giving users a comprehensive view of their financial activity and card balances within the app.

Synced Clock Apps

Users are requesting a feature where alarms and timers set on one of their devices can be synchronized across all their devices. The purpose of this synchronization is to guarantee that notifications from alarms and timers remain consistent and are not overlooked, regardless of which device they are currently using. This functionality would greatly assist users in staying punctual and completing their tasks on time, as it ensures that important reminders are accessible and consistent across all their devices.

‘Contacts Only’ section in Messages

The requested feature aims to improve message organization by allowing users to filter their messages, displaying only the ones from contacts they are actively seeking or interested in. This functionality would make it easier to focus on and prioritize messages from specific individuals or groups, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient messaging experience.


Number row on keyboard

Many users have expressed a desire to see the return of the number row from GBoard, a popular third-party keyboard, to the standard iOS keyboard. This request is driven by the convenience and ease of access to numbers that the number row provides, making tasks like typing numbers or special characters more efficient and user-friendly.

Remove slide-over camera gesture

Users have encountered issues with the slide-over camera gesture, which they perceive as intrusive. They are requesting its removal from the system to prevent unintended activations. This gesture is seen as disruptive and inconvenient, and users believe that eliminating it would enhance the overall user experience and prevent frustrating accidental camera launches.

Grid-type App Switcher View

As the physical size of iPhones continues to increase, there is a growing user demand for a grid-type view, akin to what’s seen in iPadOS, which would allow them to see and access more apps simultaneously in the app switcher. This grid-style layout would optimize the utilization of the larger screen real estate on iPhones, making it easier for users to multitask and switch between apps efficiently.

Dynamic Island integration

Finally, an important feature is the integration of text messages, emails, and other communication methods into a dynamic island, enhancing the accessibility and interactivity of notifications. This means that notifications from various communication sources will be consolidated into a single, dynamic interface, providing users with a more convenient and engaging way to interact with their messages and alerts.

Apart from that users have expressed considerable disappointment with the current state of Siri in iOS, and they are eagerly anticipating significant enhancements to its functionality.


Notably, reports are indicating that Apple is preparing substantial improvements for Siri in iOS 18, which include a more profound integration with Shortcuts. Using language models, Siri will be able to complete more complex tasks such as turning a set of five photos into a GIF.

If Apple takes user feedback into account then I think it has the potential to make iOS 18 the most improved and user-friendly version to date.

I am eager to see Apple respond to the enthusiastic requests from users for these desired features and improvements in the upcoming iOS 18. In the meantime, you can explore a wealth of captivating news and updates in our dedicated Apple section.

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