Super Mario Bros Wonder: Where is the flower kingdom according to lore?

The Mario franchise is notorious for its alleged incoherence of lore. From afar, every game could seem completely new and have no connection to other titles. But is it actually true? Or does Nintendo have Mario lore? If it’s true, where does the Flower Kingdom in Super Mario Bros Wonder stand in the lore?

Super Mario Bros Wonder has been receiving high praise ever since its release. Many claim it is one of the most detailed and innovative Mario games. While the game, in terms of gameplay, is ticking all the right boxes, some veterans are wondering if the Flower Kingdom is in the lore. If it is, then where is it on the map?

Super Mario Bros Wonder: Flower Kingdom location

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a tribute to the classic Mario games. After 11 long years since the last, Wonder is the latest Mario game in the 2D side-scrolling genre. Maintaining its signature, Wonder has featured a new kingdom for its setting and levels.

This new setting is called the Flower Kingdom. At first, the fans believed this new kingdom was a completely new setting that had no coherence to the lore established in the previous games. But a keen-eyed fan has proposed to differ.

On X, the fan offered their theory, saying the Flower Kingdom is on the east side of the Mushroom Kingdom. They made this assumption by observing the background of the Flower Kingdom on the levels.

According to them, the Mushroom Kingdom can be seen on the west side of the Flower Kingdom during the first level. But that’s not it. They also shared another theory, saying that the Beanbean Kingdom from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is on the west side of Mushroom Kingdom.

super mario wonder flower kingdom

In the end, according to these theories, the mushroom kingdom is surrounded by neighboring kingdoms. This explains why the Mario Bros get entangled in different kingdoms so often. So far, the locations of the Flower Kingdom and Beanbean Kingdom are finalized, but in the future, other locations can be revealed.

Mario worlds in order

The Mario games have had many worlds throughout their history, and the number of levels and worlds can vary between games. Here is a list of some of the main worlds in the Mario games, in chronological order:

Super Mario Maker 3

  1. Super Mario Bros.: The game consists of eight worlds of four levels each, totaling 32 levels altogether.
  2. Super Mario Bros. 3: The game is divided into eight themed worlds, each with 6–10 levels and several bonus stages displayed as locations on a mapped Overworld.
  3. SM World: The game consists of nine worlds displayed via a world map.
  4. Super Mario Land: The game has four worlds, each with three levels.
  5. Super Mario 64: The game has 15 main worlds, each with multiple levels.
  6. SM Sunshine: The game has seven main worlds, each with multiple levels.
  7. Super Mario Galaxy: The game has 42 galaxies, each with one or more levels.
  8. Super Mario 3D World: The game has 12 worlds, including two final boss worlds and four bonus worlds.

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other Mario games with different worlds and levels.

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Feature image source: Nintendo

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