Is the Super Mario Movie effect healthy for the Mario franchise and Princess Peach: Showtime?

In 2023, Nintendo adapted their most popular IP, Super Mario Bros, into a feature-length animated movie. The movie had phenomenal success at the box office, which had a significant effect on the franchise. The latest example of this ‘movie effect’ is the recent cover art change for Princess Peach: Showtime.

Princess Peach: Showtime is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch. It is a standalone game focusing on the titular princess and her adventures in a magical theater. The portrayal of Peach in the movie highly inspires the game, and Nintendo is making this fact very apparent.

But what is the extent of movie influence on games? Will it make the franchise lose its classic identity? Let’s take a look.

Super Mario Movie effect on Princess Peach: Showtime cover

Fans of the Mario franchise have been having heated debates on the internet ever since Nintendo made a silent change to the cover art of Princess Peach: Showtime. Previously, the cover depicted Peach in her classic art style; her expressions were full of innocent joy and a bubbly aura.

However, the new cover art changed the expression, making Peach look more determined and focused. The look and style of the princess on this new cover are very similar to the look in the movie.

Princess Peach Showtime cover

Although the change is very subtle and it is very likely that many casual fans won’t even notice the change, veteran fans aren’t ready to accept it. They are concerned that this could just be the beginning. Nintendo may, in the future, significantly change the outlook of the franchise to match the style of the movie.

Princess Peach Showtime cover

While some fans opposed the change, there were also many individuals who supported the new cover. According to them, changing Peach’s expression and giving her much more thematically accurate and humane features is the right path for Nintendo to take.

Effects of the Mario Movie on the Gaming Franchise

The success of the Super Mario Movie has had a significant impact on the Mario gaming franchise. Game sales have jumped following the success of the movie, with one game rising by nearly 2 million.

Additionally, the success of the movie has had a “halo effect” on Switch game sales, according to Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. The film has positively influenced Switch game sales, and it has positively impacted sales of Mario-related titles, specifically Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo’s profit has also jumped as the Super Mario franchise gets a boost from the hit film. The film has exposed the Nintendo brand to newer markets, which might potentially become the biggest consumers for its consoles and games in the future.

What would be the future of the Mario franchise?

With the magnificent success of the movie, it is very apparent that the Mario franchise, not just in gaming but even in other mediums, will have some changes to come. These will mostly affect the overall look of the franchise and the art style. Making it more akin to the movie.

Other than the visuals, there is a high chance that Nintendo will change its approach towards some of the lesser-known characters in the franchise. This includes Peach, Toad, and others like Daisy, Rosalina, and more.

The movie’s success made Nintendo understand that fans are willing to invest in the side characters of the IP and not only the main Mario brothers. Giving these characters their much-deserved spotlight to grow and flourish their personalities and influence the franchise as a whole.

In the end, fans have to accept the fact that their franchise will change in the future, no matter what. The Mario franchise, since its first appearance in the 90s to the modern era, has seen significant changes. Every new generation has a favorite Mario style that is tailored to their taste.

The movie, being such a grand success, has attracted a lot of attention, and it is only rational that Nintendo takes the necessary steps to cater to the new wave of fans. Literally leaving a ‘two-dimensional’ approach for a much more immersive universe with fleshed-out characters and themes.

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Feature image source: Nintendo

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