Moriah’s Welcome To Plathville Feuds Might Finally Be Ending, According To These New Clues


  • Moriah Plath has reconciled with her siblings, including her brother Ethan, as they have refollowed each other on Instagram.
  • Moriah is now following her younger sister and two brothers on Instagram, but she is not following her former friend Olivia, Ethan’s wife.
  • Moriah’s relationship with Ethan and Olivia soured when she accused Olivia of stealing from her music proceeds, but her recent actions show that she is warming up to her family again.



Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath may have reconciled with her siblings, including Ethan Plath. The 21-year-old woman has been one of the most notable cast members of the family-centered reality TV show. She is most known for her relationship issues with Ethan and Oliva and for moving out of Kim and Barry Plath’s home with her brother, Micah James. Moriah has been notorious for her on-screen and off-screen actions in the last few months. She has accused Olivia of stealing and Ethan of being a bully. She also unfollowed her family members on Instagram, showcasing her feelings.

Recently, fans discovered a major clue that hints Moriah may have changed her attitude toward her family and has reconciled with her siblings. A Reddit user AllFemaleAlliance shared,Ethan and Moriah have refollowed each other,” hinting they’ve buried the hatchet. Moriah’s Instagram reveals that she has also re-established contact with other family members.

She’s following her younger sister, Lydia Joy Plath, and her two brothers, Micah and Issac. Besides a few of her siblings, Moriah only cares for her music page and people related to it. She isn’t following her former good friend and Ethan’s wife, Olivia.

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Moriah’s Welcome To Plathville Feuds Explained

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Moriah’s feud with Ethan and Olivia began years ago. Initially, the young Welcome To Plathville cast member had a decent relationship with her elder brother and his spouse. However, things changed when she started living with them, leading to emotional drama and eventual feuds. The two ladies bonded over their creative careers during Moriah’s time staying with Olivia. However, things turned sour when Moriah accused Olivia of stealing from her music proceeds, which led them to become bitter enemies. Moriah’s relationship with Ethan soured at the same time she moved out. Ethan called and yelled at her, pushing her to block him.

It’s great that Moriah has decided to follow her people again, as it shows she has warmed up to being part of her family. Initially, the young musician pushed herself away from everyone, which became evident from her social media actions. Thankfully, she has come around and seems in a much better headspace now. Moriah may not have completely fixed her relationship with Ethan. But she may have reconciled with her brother and is working on improving her feelings toward him. Ethan’s split from Olivia may have played a role in Moriah following Ethan.

While Moriah has followed her siblings and family on Instagram, it’s understandable why she hasn’t yet returned to being friendly with her sister-in-law, Olivia. The two ladies parted ways on a terrible note. Therefore, the apology should be mutual as well. Since Olivia and Moriah are two of the biggest Welcome To Plathville divas, they probably won’t interact again. It also seems like the two artists would never make amends anymore. Since Welcome To Plathville’s Ethan has separated from Olivia, it gives Moriah even less incentive to be friendly with her former friend.

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: AllFemaleAlliance/Reddit


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