New X-Men Cover Highlights The Sexiest Throuple In Marvel History


  • The Krakoan Age established a polyamorous throuple dynamic between Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine, resolving the famous love triangle and showcasing the open-mindedness of the mutant community.
  • Mahmud A. Asrar’s “Farewell Krakoa” cover pays homage to the Summers House, where Jean, Scott, and Logan lived together, emphasizing their intimate connection and the legacy of their relationship.
  • With the end of the Krakoan Age, the future of the Jean/Scott/Logan throuple is uncertain, but fans can cherish the past years and the unique and passionate love shared between the three iconic X-Men.



The iconic Krakoan Age of the X-Men established a brilliant new status quo for the mutants of Marvel, including debuting exciting new relationships between beloved heroes like Betsy Braddock and Rachel Summers. While it was never made textually explicit, the Krakoan Age also seemed to establish that Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine were in some sort of polyamorous throuple, an incredibly sexy dynamic honored in a gorgeous new cover by Mahmud A. Asrar.

The love triangle between Jean, Scott, and Logan is one of the most infamous sources of drama in the X-Men franchise, which is known for its intense romantic and familial spectacles, and the Krakoan Era seemingly resolved the question of who Jean Grey truly loves.

Fall of the House of X #1 Asrar Farewell Krakoa variant

Mahmud A. Asrar’s adorable “Farewell Krakoa” cover for Fall of the House of X #1 honors the legacy of the Summers House on the Moon, where much of Scott and Jean’s extended family lived at the dawn of the Krakoan Age, reminding fans that besides the Summers Family, the only other permanent resident was Scott and Jean’s apparent lover, Wolverine.

The Summers House Set-Up Was Perfect For A Throuple

Summers House Map Jean Cyclops Wolverine

Krakoa was established as a “utopia” that didn’t need to follow the oppressive ethics of the human world, making the entire community more open about sexuality and queerness, evidenced by the open-minded relationship between Jean, Logan, and Scott. There have been many signs throughout the Krakoan Age, particularly the first two years before Krakoa began to crumble, that the three heroes are a loving throuple, like how Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean’s rooms were organized in the Summers House. Jean’s room is placed directly in between Scott and Logan’s rooms, and unlike other rooms in the Summers House, all three of their rooms are directly accessible from the inside.

At one point in X-Men #7 Cyclops invites Wolverine on a beach vacation, prompting Logan to say “Jeannie in a bikini,” and Scott to say, “Scott in a speedo,” to which Logan responds, “Heh. Well, who could say no to that?” While Marvel never explicitly stated “Jean, Logan, and Scott are in a polyamorous relationship,” the subtext could not be clearer. At the very least the writers firmly made canon that Jean is seeing both men, but also hinting that Scott and Logan are engaged in an intimate relationship as well, and almost certainly having sex on the moon.

The Future Of Marvel’s Sexiest Couple Is Very Uncertain

Jean Grey looks back at Cyclops and Wolverine in X-Men

Mahmud A. Asrar’s cover is a perfect “Farewell Krakoa” memorial, harkening back to better times on Krakoa, before Orchis destroyed the country and forced mutantkind into hiding or outright warfare. The Fall of X has seen Cyclops captured and tortured by Orchis, Wolverine on the run, and Jean Grey murdered by Moira X and trapped within the White Hot Room. Before Jean’s body died she astrally visited Logan and Scott, telling them both that she loved them, proving that Jean has never had to choose between the two, instead sharing unique and passionate love with each of them.

Now that the Krakoan Age is ending, the future of the Jean/Scott/Logan throuple is incredibly uncertain, but fans of the beloved love triangle can always look fondly back on the past few years to fulfill some of their polyamorous fantasies. Mahmud A. Asrar’s gorgeous cover perfectly honors one of the highlights of the early days of Krakoa, creating a lasting memorial for the iconic Summers House and Marvel’s indisputably sexiest throuple.


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