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EA SPORTS FC 24 early access not working on Steam? Here’s a workaround


EA SPORTS FC 24 fans eagerly preordered the game on Steam, expecting to enjoy exclusive content and early access the game but say it’s not working for them .

EA SPORTS FC 24 early access not working on Steam

Players who preordered EA SPORTS FC 24 on Steam were looking forward to enjoying the game ahead of the official release date.

However, their excitement turned into disappointment when they found that the game’s release date on Steam still displayed as September 29, even though early access had already begun in their region (1,2,3,4,5).

EA SPORTS FC 24 early access not working on Steam

@EAHelp @EASPORTSFC – I bought EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition on Steam almost 2 weeks ago. Currently I still do not have access to the game, please help!

Additionally, some players encountered another issue on the EA app. Despite ordering the Ultimate Edition, the game showed up as the Standard Edition.

@EASPORTSFC Fraud !!!! I have ordered Ultimate edition via steam and EA APP says standard edition !!!! I cannot access the game and paid 4.5k. This is absolutely pathetic. Spoke to their chat support and they said its a global issue and trying to solve asap. No resolution so far.

This discrepancy left players unable to play the game they had been eagerly waiting for.

Furthermore, a frustrating error message, ‘This EA account is restricted from accessing online features in EA FC 24’ prevents some players from even launching the game.

Ea FC 24 error
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These issues collectively created a sense of dissatisfaction among the gaming community. Players feel they are not receiving what they had paid for.

Potential workaround

To address these issues, players can follow a simple workaround on Steam. This workaround allows players to access the content they preordered, ultimately ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience.

1. Go to Steam: Open the Steam client on your computer.
2. Go to Your Library: Navigate to your game library by clicking on the ‘Library’ tab on the top of the Steam window.
3. Select ‘EA SPORTS FC 24’: Locate ‘EA SPORTS FC 24’ in your list of games within your library.
4. Redeem Ultimate Edition Content: Next to the “Play” button for the game, you’ll find an option labeled ‘REDEEM ULTIMATE EDITION CONTENT.’ Click on it.
5. Agree to the Terms: A new window will open up, displaying the terms and conditions. Review these terms and agree to them.
6. Play and Enjoy the Game: Now, you can click the “Play” button and enjoy your game with the Ultimate Edition content and benefits.

By following the simple steps outlined above, players can enjoy the game as intended.

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