Captain Marvel Is Introducing a New, Galactus-Style Cosmic God to Marvel Lore – “The Undone”


The scope of the Marvel Universe has been expanding lately, with the addition of new cosmic-level entities to the company’s already-sprawling fictional reality. The new Captain Marvel series from writer Alyssa Wong will join this trend, pitting Carol Danvers against a mysterious, and heretofore unknown, cosmic threat known as “the Undone.”



In a recent interview with Looper, writer Alyssa Wong gave some tantalizing details about what to expect from her upcoming Captain Marvel run, in what she calls her “most cosmic-scale Marvel book.”

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That scale will come in the form of “the Undone,” a villain that Wong promises will bring shades of horror to the series.

The Undone Is A Galactus-Level Threat To The Marvel Universe

Galactus channeling cosmic power.

While Galactus remains the most recognizable god-like being in Marvel lore, the company’s tapestry of ongoing multiversal stories has

always featured cosmic-powered characters, such as the Watchers and the Beyonder. More recently, Marvel’s pantheon has grown steadily to include even more figures, such as the Utgard-Realm beings introduced in the debut issue of Immortal Thor, and the cast of Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming G.O.D.S. series, the details of which have been kept tightly under wraps. Now, Alyssa Wong’s Captain Marvel will introduce “the Undone,” its contribution to Marvel’s highest echelon of existence. “We’re going interdimensional,” Wong told Looper. “We’re encountering powers that far outstrip humanity.

New Villain The Omen Is Connected To The Undone

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For me, the big cornerstone of cosmic horror is realizing that there are things out there that we can’t comprehend and are so much more powerful than we are,” Wong explained, “and having to completely rearrange our understanding of our place in the universe.” While the writer did not elaborate further on the nature of “the Undone,” it is clear that this god-like entity will be an imminent threat to Earth. Wong also briefly introduced another new villain, the Omen, who is said to have “strange, corruptive powers” that are somehow linked to “the Undone” and its plans for Earth.

I love the chance to get weird with it,” Alyssa Wong told Looper, regarding the nature of her upcoming Captain Marvel run. Introducing the Omen, and “the Undone” are exciting swings to start the new series, which promise a narrative that will jump right into the action and give one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes a suitably high-stakes crisis to deal with. Whether “the Undone” is related to the other cosmic horrors of the Marvel Universe, or how it stacks up against them, will be exciting discoveries for readings of Alyssa Wong’s Captain Marvel, as it appears set to have a major impact on the company’s vast lore.

Source: Looper

Captain Marvel debuts this fall from Marvel Comics.


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