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Community: Every Halloween Episode


  • Greendale Community College always went all out for Halloween, and the Community Halloween episodes are a prime example of the show’s holiday-themed brilliance.
  • “Paranormal Parentage,” while not the best, still offers comedic and suspense-filled moments as the study group explores a haunted mansion in a Scooby-Doo spoof.
  • “Epidemiology” stands out as one of the most creative Community Halloween episodes, blending genres and showcasing the group’s camaraderie in the midst of a campus-wide zombie outbreak.



Greendale Community College sure knew how to get into the Halloween spirit, and here are all of the Community Halloween episodes ranked. The study group in focus always took an opportunity to attend a campus party, and thankfully for them, their classmates took the spooky holiday seriously. When not attending class, the study group — Jeff, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, and Britta — always found something to do on campus, and of the six seasons, all but two of them featured a pop-culture-referencing and very meta Halloween-themed episode.

Seeing as Dean Pelton loved to bring the school’s community together, he had a tendency to plan events on a regular basis. With his fondness for dressing up in elaborate costumes, it was also no surprise that Halloween became big for Greendale and the Community cast. Though the study was usually interested in a Halloween party, they also found their own ways to celebrate the day. The events never seemed to go as planned, but they were memorable nonetheless. Community excelled with holiday episodes and the Community Halloween episodes are a perfect example of that.

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Season 4, Episode 2, “Paranormal Parentage”

The Community cast looks distressed while wearing halloween outfits

In the final Community Halloween episode, everyone in the study group except for Pierce was invited to Vicki’s costume party. They are then forced to go to Pierce’s mansion after he gets locked in the panic room. The episode serves as a spoof of Scooby-Doo as the characters explore the mansion while encountering spooky and supernatural occurrences. They eventually find out that Pierce is behind most of the haunts, but another mysterious figure still lurks inside the house.

Though the season 4 episode faced some criticism due to the absence of Community creator Dan Harmon and a noticeable shift in tone, the episode still has its merits. The group dynamic shines as the characters are thrust into the haunted house scenario, making for both comedic and surprisingly suspense-filled moments. The subplot with Abed exploring the house on his own brings a fun, typical touch of meta-commentary too. While the episode is far from the best Community has to offer, “Paranormal Parentage” is still a serviceable Halloween-themed episode.

Season 1, Episode 7, “Introduction To Statistics”

Shirley as Harry Potter, Britta as a squirrel, Troy as Eddie Murphy, and Annie as a skeleton

The show’s first Halloween episode comes in the seventh overall episode, which focuses on a Day of the Dead party hosted by Annie for extra credit. Jeff, meanwhile, tries to find a way into the nearby faculty party so he can woo Professor Slater, his current crush. Britta tries to convince Jeff to return to Annie’s party while Troy and Abed, dressed as Eddie Murphy and Batman, respectively, deal with Pierce after he gets high from the pills he trades with Starburns.

There’s a huge gap in quality between “Paranormal Parentage” and “Introduction to Statistics,” as the season 1 episode could easily be considered one of the best Community Halloween episodes. The series’ first Halloween-themed episode, “Introduction to Statistics,” sets a precedent for the quirky holiday episodes that follow. The early dynamic of the group is still being established, leading to raw, genuine moments of comedy. Annie’s determination to try to fit in is juxtaposed beautifully with Jeff’s typical playboy antics. However, it’s Pierce’s unexpected vulnerability and the resulting rescue mission by the group that truly captures the essence of Community.

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Season 3, Episode 5, “Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps”

Jeff holds Annie in his arms in Community

In the season 3 Community episode, Britta gives the rest of the study group personality tests and is disturbed to find that one anonymous person could be a homicidal maniac. She then tells a horror story about an escaped psychopath to gauge everyone’s reactions. The rest of the group then share their own stories. Abed’s involves a secluded cabin whereas Annie envisions being a schoolteacher in love with a vampire portrayed by Jeff. Abed and Troy are sewn together in a science experiment in the latter’s tale, and Pierce’s is completely inappropriate. Shirley takes the horror stories in another direction by focusing on the Rapture.

“Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” is a masterclass in comedy with its horror vignettes, offering not just a spoof of familiar horror tropes, but a deep dive into the psyche of the storyteller. Abed’s ultra-rational and predictable plot, Shirley’s faith-based moral tale, and Troy’s zany Frankenstein-inspired escapade provide both laughs and insight into who these characters are at their core. With its blend of humor, meta-commentary, and moments of genuine suspense, “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” epitomizes the inventive spirit of Community and how it reimagines conventional TV norms.

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Season 2, Episode 6, “Epidemiology”

Jeff dressed as David Beckham speaking with Shirley, who's dressed as a princess in Community

In “Epidemiology,” the study group attends the annual Greendale Halloween party. Dean Pelton buys food from an Army surplus store for the event, but the supposed taco meat is actually a hazardous substance. Partygoers then fall ill, exhibiting zombie-like behavior, which results in the Army locking down the campus. Jeff and other members of the study group must find a way to escape since they are trapped with the infected, making for one of the most creative Community Halloween episodes.

“Epidemiology” is a masterclass in blending genres, as it takes the well-trodden path of a zombie apocalypse and injects it with Community’s signature wit and heart. The episode plays brilliantly with the tropes of horror, giving each character a moment to shine – from Troy’s heroic transformation to Abed’s super-awareness. The setting of Greendale as a zombified playground is both surreal and eerily atmospheric, enhanced by the out-of-place disco soundtrack. Beyond the humor and horror, this Community Halloween episode is a testament to the group’s camaraderie and their commitment to each other; a mix of laughs, thrills, and emotion.


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