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Dan Harmon’s Rick & Morty Ending Idea Is So Perfect It Almost Certainly Won’t Happen


  • Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has a perfect idea for the show’s ending, but it probably won’t happen because it has already been revealed.
  • The proposed ending, with Morty finding a girlfriend and wanting to be independent, goes against the chaotic and mean-spirited nature of the show.
  • Despite the unlikelihood, the ending can still happen if Rick and Morty season 7 explores a divide between the characters and Morty becomes independent.



Rick and Morty is still a long way from being over, but Dan Harmon’s idea for the show’s ending is so perfect that it almost certainly won’t happen. Rick and Morty is one of the most popular adult animated shows that is currently running, meaning that the series still has tons of stories left to tell before it reaches its conclusion. Despite this, co-creator Dan Harmon has already been thinking about the show’s ending, with him perfectly describing how the series should wrap up its main character arcs. While this finale is too good to be true, it would be an incredible way to conclude Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty season 7 is almost here, with the upcoming batch of episodes launching the beloved sci-fi series into an all-new era. Rick and Morty season 7 is setting itself up to expand on the overarching story like never before, with Rick finally attempting to hunt down Rick Prime and avenge his family. It would be nice if Rick and Morty season 7 were to add some finality to this storyline, as it has seemingly been stretched out over the previous seasons. Rick and Morty‘s ending is still a long way away, but even if the show goes on for several more seasons, the perfect ending is already planned.

Dan Harmon’s Rick & Morty Ending Idea Would Be The Perfect Conclusion

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Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon already has the perfect idea for the show’s conclusion, with it finally wrapping up Morty’s main arc. The sardonic series often approaches every storyline with cynicism and irreverence, meaning that a heartfelt ending seems unlikely. Despite this, Dan Harmon seems to be hoping that the series goes in this direction, with his proposed ending seeming quite genuine. In an interview with THR, Harmon was asked about his idea for Rick and Morty‘s ending, leading to him describing his idea. Here is the full quote:

Dan Harmon: “It would maybe just be Morty turning 15 and finding a girlfriend that actually makes him want to be an independent person, so everything is kind of destroyed because Morty just wants to be a teenager now and start to grow up,” he says, and it’s clear he’s tickled by the idea. “Yeah, maybe Morty’s 15th birthday would be the catastrophic sinking of that Titanic.”

As it turns out, Dan Harmon wants to actually give Morty a happy ending. Ending up independent and in a relationship seems like a far cry from the Morty seen in Rick and Morty today, but it’s possible that he could get further fleshed out in the lead-up to the show’s finale. Although this ending would mean the end of Rick and Morty’s partnership, that might be the right choice for the teenager, as Rick has been a toxic influence on his life since season 1. Although the latter part of Harmon’s response adds in the signature Rick and Morty weirdness, the heart of this ending is perfect.

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Why Harmon’s Rick & Morty Ending Won’t Happen

Bearded Rick talks to Morty in Rick and Morty

Although Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty ending is a fantastic idea, it probably won’t happen. This is mostly due to the fact that Harmon has already revealed it. There is no way that Adult Swim would want Rick and Morty to feature an ending that is already known to the public, highlighting that Harmon’s ending probably won’t be implemented into the show. While it is possible, it would be an odd choice to spoil the conclusion of Rick and Morty years out from its release, making it seem more likely that this ending is just an idea that won’t actually be featured.

On top of that, the proposed Rick and Morty ending just wouldn’t work with the show. Rick and Morty is incredibly chaotic and fairly mean-spirited. Having such a sweet ending for such an irreverent show seems uncharacteristic for Rick and Morty, with the idea of a proper finale not even seeming like something that would happen. Rick and Morty has been leaning more into episodic adventures in recent seasons, meaning that giving Morty’s arc a sense of finality seems almost outlandish. Although it would be nice, this Rick and Morty ending will probably never be seen.

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How Dan Harmon’s Rick & Morty Story Can Still Happen After Season 7

Rick and Morty in the flying saucer cockpit in season 7 trailer

Although it seems unlikely, Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty story can still happen after season 7. Rick and Morty season 6’s arc featured Morty getting sick of Rick, with him seemingly wanting to distance himself from the scientist. Although this concept was phased out in the later episodes, it is possible that it could be pulled back in. This divide between Rick and Morty could lead to Morty becoming independent and going his own way. If this happens, all he would have to do is get a girlfriend to fulfill Dan Harmon’s perfect Rick and Morty ending.


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