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Daryl Dixon’s Walking Dead Spinoff Story Is Concerning For 1 Big Reason



  • Daryl Dixon’s spinoff may not address The Walking Dead’s big France mysteries, leaving audiences frustrated about what’s happening in France and how it connects to the outbreak.
  • The current narrative of Daryl Dixon’s spinoff is focused on his journey to escort a young boy to Paris, rather than exploring important questions about the virus variants and experiments in France.
  • While the spinoff is currently taking a different direction, it is likely that Daryl Dixon will eventually connect to the big France twist and tackle the variants and experiments in future episodes or in season 2.



The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon could be headed in an unexpected direction, which is concerning for audiences who want to know more about The Walking Dead’s biggest twist. After 11 seasons of the original series and multiple spinoffs, The Walking Dead has opened a number of paths to follow in current and upcoming spinoffs, including Daryl Dixon. Having a show dedicated to Norman Reedus’ beloved character is fun for longtime fans, but it also leaves room for exploration, especially with Daryl Dixon set in France. As seen in The Walking Dead: World Beyond finale, this location is hugely significant to the plot.

With World Beyond dropping a huge twist in its post-credits scene, it was only a matter of time before audiences demanded more information. It seemed like Daryl Dixon was going to satisfy that curiosity with its primary location and storyline. However, this might not be the case after the first two episodes revealed more about the narrative and where Daryl might be headed next.

Daryl Dixon Looks Unlikely To Answer The Walking Dead’s Big France Mysteries

Walking Dead mysteries Daryl Dixon's spinoff can answer

Daryl Dixon might not answer The Walking Dead‘s biggest mysteries, as episode 2, “Alouette,” changes the direction of the spinoff. It seemed like this spinoff would address World Beyond’s finale, especially with it taking place in France, a location that has connections to the virus and zombie variants. However, judging by the final scenes of Daryl Dixon episode 2, Reedus’ character is on a different journey than what many viewers hoped for. This change, whether it’s permanent or not, could leave audiences even more frustrated about what’s going on in France and how this country factors into the outbreak.

The World Beyond post-credits scene reveals that France may have created the virus through its experiments, effectively causing the apocalypse. Through a clip of Dr. Jenner, the scientist Rick’s group encounters back in season 1, audiences learn that the French scientists might have made the situation worse by creating a cure that gave birth to variants. The Walking Dead’s variants are a huge mystery, as they still haven’t been explained, with Daryl only fighting burner zombies rather than the ones with immense strength and speed. Although the spinoff has only released two episodes so far, audiences might not see any big reveals in season 1.

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Daryl Dixon’s Story Is Continuing The Walking Dead: Dead City’s Problem

Events Between Walking Dead Ending And Dead City

Daryl Dixon’s spinoff could face the same problem as The Walking Dead: Dead City. Dead City is a good spinoff, but it ignores everything that comes before in The Walking Dead, including the variants and Negan and Maggie’s mutual understanding of one another in season 11. It seems like these spinoffs have a habit of repeating storylines audiences already know. This can certainly be said about Daryl Dixon, which isn’t focusing on important questions regarding the stronger variants, experiments in France, and the birth of the virus.

Instead, the narrative is focusing heavily on Laurent being immune in The Walking Dead and Daryl’s journey to escort the young boy to Paris. Even though this storyline is alluded to in trailers and episode previews, audiences were still hoping for answers along the way or some indication that Daryl Dixon would focus on France’s big zombie twist. More episodes are on the horizon, but as of right now, Daryl Dixon is not providing anything new about the outbreak.

Daryl Dixon Has To Connect To World Beyond’s France Twist Eventually, Right?

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in France in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Daryl Dixon has to connect to the big France twist in its upcoming episodes or even in season 2. Otherwise, this spinoff’s France setting is essentially pointless. It’s clear in World Beyond that France has a huge role to play in the franchise. This suggests that Daryl Dixon has to tackle the variants and France’s experiments, whether that’s by meeting a scientist or revealing more about The Walking Dead’s mysterious boat. Judging by the research and chained up zombies on the boat in episode 1, the Cause may know more about the outbreak than they’re letting on.

Even though the spinoff is currently taking a different direction, it’s possible Daryl Dixon could get back on track once future episodes tell audiences more about the France experiments. It might be a case of waiting until season 2, which has the chance to focus on World Beyond’s post-credits scene without the odd detour. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is set in France for a reason, meaning it must connect to the variants, virus, and wider outbreak while setting up possible questions for Rick and Michonne’s upcoming spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.


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