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Emma Stone’s New TV Show Continues An Exciting Career Trend


  • Emma Stone’s upcoming TV show The Curse continues her trend of dark comedies, adding a darker twist to a mundane topic.
  • Stone’s talent for dark comedy shines through in her recent projects, allowing her to showcase her range as an actress.
  • The Curse has the potential to receive awards recognition, with early praise for Stone’s performance and the involvement of talented creators.



Emma Stone’s upcoming TV show The Curse continues an exciting career trend for the actress. Stone will star alongside Nathan Fielder in the Showtime series, with the two playing a married couple attempting to conceive a child while hosting a new home improvement show and dealing with an alleged curse. The first teaser trailer for The Curse garnered plenty of buzz for the comedic show, which was written and created by Fielder and Benny Safdie, and a new full trailer has built even more hype. The Curse also looks to be yet another fascinating project in Stone’s filmography as she returns to television for the first time since 2018.

Emma Stone has a diverse filmography of projects under her belt. She first found success in mainstream comedy films such as Superbad and Easy A, though she’s also proved her talent in other genres such as musicals with La La Land and dramas with Battle of the Sexes. She is a versatile actress, though some of Emma Stone’s best movies and most beloved works are comedies. She’s a great comedic actress because she’s utterly charming and has excellent timing. Still, even her comedic projects are diverse and often dip into other genres as well.

The Curse Continues Emma Stone’s Dark Comedy Trend

A screencap from The Curse of Emma Stone putting her fingers to her temples and having her mouth open, in the middle of saying something

The Curse follows an intriguing career trend for Emma Stone: dark comedies. Stone’s previous television project, the Netflix TV series Maniac, was a genre-bending dark comedy. Emma Stone’s new Frankenstein-inspired movie Poor Things, which is her latest collaboration with Yorgos Lanthimos, is a black comedy fantasy, and the pair’s previous project, the period piece The Favourite, was also a black comedy. Even Cruella, the origin story for the iconic Disney villain, has a darker humor to it. This might be pure coincidence, but it’s still an exciting trend for Stone’s career to follow.

Stone is great fun in more traditional comedies, but her recent run of dark comedies truly allows her to shine. Stone has proved adept at playing a villain in The Favourite and Cruella, and the dramatic turn of these darker comedies lets her show off her talented range, and they make her career even more exciting to watch. This dark comedy trend seems unexpected after Stone’s high praise — including her first Oscar — for playing Mia in La La Land, but it’s a welcome career pivot for the actress. She’s excellent in La La Land, but Stone has proved to have quite the talent for dark comedy.

Emma Stone’s New TV Show Is Exciting (& Could Get Awards Recognition)

A screencap from The Curse of Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder. Both are wearing sunglasses and smiling. Nathan is holding a boom mic while Emma us holding a camera with one hand and throwing a peace sign with the other

Emma Stone’s upcoming TV show sounds very exciting. Its premise is rather intriguing, taking the mundane topic of an HGTV-style show and adding a darker twist to it. The involvement of Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder makes The Curse an even more exciting project to look out for. The Curse can also make up for Emma Stone’s overlooked Netflix series Maniac and possibly get awards recognition. The first three episodes of The Curse premiered at the New York Film Festival, and early praise has come in for Stone’s performance in the series, which could possibly lead to awards nods for the actress.

Emma Stone has two other intriguing projects coming up: the anthology film And, which is another Yorgos Lanthimos collaboration, and the A24 horror film I Saw the TV Glow. It’s possible that one or both of these projects could break her dark comedy streak. Even if the streak ends up being broken, Stone has had an impressive run in the dark/black comedy genre. If The Curse is as good as its trailer suggests, this could be another success for the actress. Hopefully Emma Stone will continue to dabble in dark comedy in the future.


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