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Payday 3 ‘heist menu dialogues or voices’ reportedly repetitive & annoying, option to mute or skip demanded


Payday 3 players have been reporting an issue where the heist menu dialogues or voices are repetitive and annoying. In addition, they have been asking for an option to mute these dialogues.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), it seems that several gamers are dissatisfied with the presence of voices in PayDay 3’s matchmaking screen or mission intros.

They claim that they have to listen to a detailed briefing about the mission every time they restart the mission or the game. And sadly, there is no option to prevent such dialogues from playing.

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Along with this, one unfortunately has to go through an unskippable slideshow of the map once a mission is loaded. Some believe that this slideshow is a clever trick used by the developers to hide additional loading time.

Players claim that they managed to overcome the issue of repetitive voices by playing only a single match every day. However, a few assert that it should be a top modding priority to mute the awful voice actors on the main screen.

On the other hand, some believe that voices should not be muted during the heist, as sometimes one can get useful information.

I feel like top modding priority has to be muting these God awful voice actors at the heist main screen. Having to hear it over and over after getting matchmaking errors makes me want to rip my ear drums out with spoons.

Most of the gamers believe that the developers should add a button to mute heist menu dialogues or voices on the matchmaking screen.

Naturally, such an option would be especially beneficial for those who have to reload matches due to connectivity issues. Some are also requesting a slider option to turn off the music playback in the main menu.

Even though they like the soundtrack, they only prefer listening to it while playing a mission.

Does anyone else want a slider for the main menu’s music? Or at least a mute on loss of focus option? I like the soundtrack of the game when I’m actually playing, and I don’t want to have to fiddle with the sliders every time I enter and exit a heist.

Also, players argue that there’s a substantial need for refinement in the UI/UX of the game.

Option to skip the cutscene also demanded

A subset of gamers (1,2,3) also believes that the option to skip the initial heist cutscene could greatly improve their experience. Understandably, it can become quite frustrating to repeatedly go through it during restarts.

Additionally, some are also requesting the developers to introduce a voice chat option as well as an offline mode.

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Offline mode, voice chat, voting on a secondary wheel and mute or skip heist monologue. Ty.

Potential workarounds

Luckily, those on PC can try pressing the ‘Esc’ button to move back out of the screen. Doing so will not remove you from the matchmaking queue, and people will stop talking as well.


Rest assured, we will monitor the issue with repetitive heist menu dialogues or voices in Payday 3 and update you accordingly.

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