Smallville Creators Reveal Major Fan Theory Almost Came True

Smallville brought many iconic characters from DC Comics to life, but it turns out that one of them could have been changed in a major way.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.


  • Smallville creators considered making Chloe Sullivan become Lois Lane, but couldn’t initially get permission to use the character.
  • There was a negotiation process to get Lois Lane on the show, starting with limited appearances and eventually becoming a regular character.
  • Peter Roth, the head of WBTV, made the decision to keep Lois Lane on Smallville permanently.

A major Smallville fan theory was once close to happening. Tom Welling led Smallville for 10 seasons, with the series telling the story of how Clark Kent became Superman.

On the TalkVille podcast (via, Smallville creators Miles Millar and Al Gough confirmed that they thought about making Chloe Sullivan become Lois Lane in the series. Check out the full quote below:

“MILLAR: We did talk about that, that maybe she is the proto-Lois and then, later on, she had to change her identity or something like that, and she becomes Lois Lane.

GOUGH: The issue, again, was we wanted to get Lois Lane, and they wouldn’t give her to us. Then, when she came in in Season 4, there was this huge thing about ‘you can have her for two episodes,’ and then ‘you can have her for three,’ and then ‘you can have her for half the season’ and [WBTV head] Peter Roth, to his credit was like ‘f—it, She’s in the show now and she’s just not leaving.'”

Source: TalkVille podcast (via

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