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EA NHL 24 no Hybrid & standard Goalie Control system? Here’s the official word

The unveiling of EA NHL 24 brought a surprise twist, as there are no Hybrid and standard Goalie Control system in the game. These control schemes had become staples for many players over the years, and their sudden absence was keenly felt.

Community Playtest feedback and response

It was during the Community Playtest that several gamers suggested that the Hybrid and standard Goalie Control system should not be removed from the game.

In response to the outpouring of concern from the community, EA Sports officially announced their plan to reintroduce Hybrid Control as an additional controller layout option, alongside the traditional Skill Stick and the new Total Control layouts.

EA NHL 24 support

However, EA’s efforts didn’t stop at bringing back Hybrid Controls alone. They also revealed their intention to include the standard Goalie Control system, along with the new Goalie Tether control system, in NHL 24. This decision was particularly significant for the goalie community, as many had struggled to adapt to the Tether System.

The initial announcement of these changes was met with a wave of positivity from the NHL gaming community. Players appreciated EA’s willingness to listen to feedback, adapt, and include features that were essential to their gameplay experience. It seemed like a new era of transparency and communication was dawning between the developers and their devoted player base.

Still no Hybrid and standard Goalie Control system in EA NHL 24

However, the situation has taken an unexpected turn with the early access and full release of NHL 24. Players have reported that both the Hybrid Control and standard Goalie Control options are conspicuously absent from the game. This abrupt reversal has left fans disappointed and frustrated.

EA NHL 24 no Hybrid and standard Goalie Control system

From a player’s perspective, this situation is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, they were elated when EA initially announced their plans to bring back these essential control options. They felt heard and valued as part of the gaming community. However, with the controls still missing even after the game’s release, players are feeling a sense of betrayal and disappointment.

Players who had been eagerly anticipating the return of Hybrid Controls and the traditional Goalie Control system have now been left in limbo. It impacts their gaming experience as they cannot enjoy the game in the way they were hoping.

For those who primarily play as goalies, the absence of these control schemes has made their in-game experience significantly less enjoyable. The frustration stems not only from the lack of these features but also from the broken promise of their inclusion.

The official word

In response to the mounting player dissatisfaction, EA has issued an official statement. They have acknowledged the absence of the promised controls and have expressed their intention to introduce them in a future update. The timeline for this update, however, is set for ‘late October’.

EA NHL 24 patch

This official word leaves players in a state of uncertainty. While it’s a relief to know that EA intends to address the issue, the wait until late October feels excruciatingly long for those who have been eagerly anticipating the return of these controls.

In the world of gaming, where instant gratification is often the norm, waiting for promised features can feel like an eternity. But better late than never.

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