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EA SPORTS FC 24 stuttering performance & laggy celebration cutscenes on PC reported (workarounds inside)


Just a few hours after its early access, EA SPORTS FC 24 players are already encountering annoying stuttering and lag issues, particularly on the PC platform.

The latest installment in the popular football gaming series, was highly anticipated by fans worldwide.

EA SPORTS FC 24 stuttering and lagging on PC

However, PC players are reporting that the game is stuttering during matches (1,2,3,4).

EA SPORTS FC 24 stuttering on PC

This issue severely impacts the immersion and overall gaming experience, often disrupting gameplay and frustrating players to no end.

Players notice pause or hiccup in the game’s frame rate, making it difficult to maintain smooth control over players and respond quickly to in-game situations.

This has even made the game unplayable for some.

Not even “almost”, it’s COMPLETLELY unplayable for me. It goes a good 10-15 seconds where inputs are just completely ignored in menus & gameplay then it’s fine for a bit and then straight back to completely unresponsive.

Im in windowed mode but the obvious frame drops are pretty persistent, any way to fix that? what are your settings?

In addition to stuttering gameplay, another problem players have encountered in EA SPORTS FC 24 is lagging or choppy cutscenes (1,2).

EA SPORTS FC 24 lagging

These cutscenes, which are meant to add realism and excitement to the game, have the opposite effect when they stutter and lag.

This issue extends to various mid-match cutscenes, including those before corners, free-kicks, and goal celebrations.

Players are particularly unhappy about this issue because these cutscenes are integral to the immersive experience EA SPORTS aims to provide.

These mid game cut scenes are REALLY cool. They would be even cooler if they didn’t make my game unplayably laggy for a whole minute after each one……

Some players have noted that these types of performance issues are not new but rather a recurring problem (1,2,3).

Each year, as the new installment is released, gamers face similar challenges related to optimization and performance. This pattern has left players feeling frustrated and overlooked.

Potential workaround

While players eagerly await an official acknowledgment and fix for these issues, here are some workarounds:

1. NVIDIA GPU users: Adaptive VSync: One workaround involves setting VSync to ‘Adaptive’ for NVIDIA GPU users. This can potentially help reduce stuttering.

2. Removing FPS cap: Players can try removing the FPS cap and disabling Dynamic Resolution Scale from the display configuration menu to improve performance.

Take off the FPS cap – worked for me! Also take off the Dynamic Resolution Scale.

3. Restarting the game: Restarting the game after selecting preferred presets may help alleviate some performance issues.

4. Check resolution settings: Ensure that your default resolution settings match your monitor settings to prevent unnecessary performance bottlenecks.

EA SPORTS FC 24 lag fix

For those experiencing laggy cutscenes, try disabling the setting that sets the cut-scene quality to ‘half frame rate’ as it might help mitigate the issue.

We hope for a timely patch to deliver the smooth, immersive experience that players expect from EA. Check back later for the latest on this situation.

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