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Major MCU Phase 4 & 5 Problem Makes Way More Sense After Behind The Scenes Marvel Bombshell


  • MCU TV shows have struggled with inconsistent tone and pacing, leading to disjointed storytelling even within individual episodes.
  • The absence of showrunners in previous projects is responsible for these issues, with Marvel Studios executives attempting to fix problems solely in the post-production phase.
  • Marvel Studios plans to hire showrunners for future TV shows, allowing for a unified creative vision and better overall storytelling. The upcoming show Daredevil: Born Again looks to be the first to benefit from this change.



A major MCU bombshell helps explain one of the biggest problems with Phase 4 and 5’s streaming shows. Beginning with Marvel’s WandaVision, the MCU has produced 11 television projects set in the interconnected cinematic universe thus far. However, not every show has been a massive success. To that end, some major behind-the-scenes details have shed new light on what has been happening thus far with MCU TV shows and how Marvel Studios intends to fix it.

As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, major shakeups are happening in terms of how Marvel Studios will be making their shows going forward following some key internal criticisms. Gone are the days when entire shows would be greenlit with issues being corrected during post-production alone. Now, it seems a more traditional TV production model will be adopted going forward. This includes bringing in a key element Marvel Studios has yet to implement with any of its Disney+ projects: showrunners.

Marvel TV Shows Have Suffered From Major Tone And Pacing Inconsistencies

Phase 5 MCU Movies and Shows

As has been seen with many MCU shows in Phases 4 and 5, tonal shifts and inconsistent pacing have run rampant in shows, even from episode to episode. This was most evident with series such as Secret Invasion as well as Ms. Marvel. With both, it seemed like each show was two different series spliced together. That said, tone and pacing problems have affected other MCU projects to varying degrees as well.

This problem makes so much more sense with the reveal that MCU series have never had official showrunners, a classic and integral role in the traditional television-making process. Instead, various Marvel Studios executives have attempted to fix problems in post-production, allegedly without any sort of clear direction from a showrunner who’d have been there to oversee the whole process from episode to episode. While episodes normally have different directors, a showrunner is there to help the series flow, ensuring that the entire story being told makes sense and is cohesive in its totality.

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How Marvel Studio’s New Plan Can Fix The MCU TV Show Problem

Daredevil Born Again custom featured image

Now, it seems as though Marvel Studios will be looking to hire showrunners going forward who can maintain the project’s vision, creating show bibles for episode directors and the like. This will give directors clearer guidelines while also giving them far greater agency to tell their part of the overall story being depicted (and to tell it well). Each show can now have someone instilling a unified creative vision from conception through final editing.

The first MCU show to benefit from this exciting change looks to be Daredevil: Born Again which is currently in production. Having realized that the direction for the show wasn’t what they wanted it to be, Marvel Studios hiring a showrunner should help the greatly anticipated MCU series become the best it can possibly be before it starts streaming presumably in 2025. Naturally, the same goes for all of Marvel’s other upcoming shows currently in development as well.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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