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Rick & Morty Season 7’s Opening Subtly Confirms Dead Characters Can Now Return



  • The opening credits of Rick and Morty season 7 suggest the possibility of dead characters returning, possibly through the introduction of zombies.
  • The show’s previous ability to visit alternate universes where dead characters are alive could be expanded upon with the zombie theme.
  • The zombies could also serve as a clever way to address the show’s recasting of Justin Roiland, by reviving the original versions of Rick and Morty and commenting on the show’s ever-changing canon.



The new Rick and Morty season 7 opening credits hint at a surprising route for seemingly dead characters to return to the series once more. Rick and Morty has never been all that worried about consistency. In the first few seasons of the series, the anarchic Adult Swim hit actively avoided establishing anything in the way of consistent canon. In recent seasons, Rick and Morty has taken the lives of its title characters a little more seriously, even temporarily shutting down the show’s dimension-hoping multiverse. However, Rick and Morty still plays fast and loose with its canon.

This is a good thing for the series since its forthcoming behind-the-scenes changes mean the show could use some returning fan-favourite supporting characters. Rick and Morty season 7 is recasting Justin Roiland after the actor’s recent controversies. This will be a big change for the series, so it would make sense for Rick and Morty season 7 to bring back some characters from earlier seasons to let the show ground its new cast members in a recognizable reality. The only problem with this is that the gory early seasons of Rick and Morty frequently killed off characters with little warning or fanfare.

Rick & Morty Season 7’s Zombie Tease Is Promising For Dead Characters

Rick and Morty season 7 opening credits

Luckily, the show’s next outing appears to have found a workaround for this. The opening credits of Rick and Morty season 7 depict a decomposing hand rising from the ground to Morty’s horror and Rick’s delight. While Rick and Morty season 7’s episode titles didn’t hint at this twist, it looks like the show will finally depict zombies in its sci-fi universe. The show’s early seasons spoofed body horror in the form of Cronenbergs and parodied vampires (very briefly), but until now, Rick and Morty has never focused an episode on zombies. Zombies promise that the show could bring back dead characters, opening up the outing’s story possibilities further.

Already, Rick and Morty’s ability to travel between different realities allowed the show to visit alternate universes where dead characters were still alive. However, season 7’s zombie tease could give the show another way to revive the likes of Fart, Tiny Rick, Toxic Rick and Morty, Tammy, Nick, and Story Lord. This could come in the form of a Halloween special, something that Rick and Morty season 6 missed out on. However, since the events of the opening credits don’t always take place within Rick and Morty episodes, this zombie tease could be misleading. Like the long-awaited sight of Summer cradling a baby Cthulu, the scene might never happen in the show.

What Else Zombies Could Mean For Rick & Morty Season 7

Rick and Morty Cthulhu baby.

Zombies could also mean that Rick and Morty are reviving their old selves, a joke that would work on two levels thanks to Roiland’s recasting. If the show were to depict Rick and Morty (voiced by their new actors) reviving the original selves that they buried in the backyard back in season 1, this could make a meta-joke about the show’s real-life changes. No matter how Rick and Morty recasts Rick, the show will need to acknowledge this change. One funny way to pull this off would be by resurrecting the show’s original heroes to point out that the canon of Rick and Morty has always been in flux.


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