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Invasion Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened To Caspar?

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for Apple TV+’s Invasion season 2.




  • Invasion season 2’s ending leaves audiences with more questions than answers about the motives and inner workings of the central alien species.
  • Caspar’s behavior in the ending scene hints that there is more to his motives and demeanor than meets the eye, suggesting he may not be in control.
  • The alien portal leads to a maze with a bright light source at its center, potentially giving humans access to the higher dimension where the alien consciousness exists. Trevante and Caspar may find answers there in season 3.

Invasion season 2’s ending leaves audiences with more questions than answers surrounding the motives and the inner workings of the central alien species. In its closing episode, Invasion season 2 walks through all the provisions Mitsuki makes to control the alien portal and keep it open for Trevante to step in. In the meantime, Luke uses his mind-control abilities to stop the aliens from attacking humans. To his surprise, the other psychic children also establish a connection with him and help him protect his family.

Caspar, on the other hand, sets out to traverse into the alien consciousness again, hoping to find more answers using the map he and his new psychic friends created. As the episode reaches its end, Trevante steps inside the alien portal while Mitsuki falls to the ground. Before the credits start rolling, Trevante meets Caspar on the other side. However, something seems off about Caspar in Invasion season 2’s ending scene, hinting that there is more to his motives and demeanor than meets the eye.

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What Is Wrong With Caspar In Invasion Season 2’s Ending

Caspar and Trenavte in Invasion season 2

In Invasion‘s closing scene, Caspar enters the alien consciousness while Trevante takes a leap of faith and steps inside the alien portal created by Mitsuki. To his surprise, Trevante finds Caspar in the alien maze on the other side of the alien portal, which parallels a previous scene from Invasion season 2 where Mitsuki meets Caspar in the same location. However, this time around, something seems different about Caspar. Although he initially welcomes Travante and claims he can guide him through the alien maze, his eyes turn a mysterious shade of blue before the credits start rolling, hinting that he may not be in control.

Throughout its runtime, Invasion season 2 establishes that humans like Mitsuki, Luke, and Caspar have somehow connected themselves to the alien hive mind. However, despite their best efforts, they are not always able to establish control over the aliens using this ability. Sometimes they are able to stop the aliens from attacking humans and even control the magnitude of their portals. However, at other times, the looming alien forces seemingly assume command over them, forcing them to become mere puppets.

In Invasion season 2’s ending, Caspar seems to have been taken over by the alien hive mind. This could mean that instead of showing Trevante the right way, he will misguide him, especially after knowing he possesses the alien shard. However, considering Trevante’s military background, he may not blindly trust Caspar and even realize that the aliens are controlling him.

How Mitsuki Controlled The Alien Portral

Shioli Kutsuna as Mitsuki in Invasion season 2

Throughout Invasion season 2, Mitsuki gradually discovers that she shares a deep connection with the alien hive mind, primarily because Hinata’s consciousness exists somewhere deep inside it. Unfortunately, before she can figure out a way to leverage her connection with the aliens and find a way to stop them, her human emotions get the best of her. Instead of understanding that the alien power source in the fallen ship is a portal into the alien hive mind, she destroys it when the power source kills Nikhil. In Invasion season 2 episode 9’s ending, however, Mitsuki learns that she does not need a portal to enter the alien consciousness.

She realizes that she shares a special connection with the alien mind, and if she digs deep into her own consciousness without letting her human emotions get in the way, she can traverse to the other side. With this newfound cognizance of her connection with the aliens, Mitsuki controls the alien portal in Invasion season 2’s finale. Although the alien portal is unstable at first and instantly kills anyone who tries to enter it, Mitsuki consciously gives up on everything that makes her human and becomes one with the alien mind to stabilize the portal. This, in turn, allows Trevante to enter it and reach the other side.

Is Mitsuki Dead In Invasion Season 2’s Ending

Mitsuki in Hinata's beach memory in Invasion season 2 episode 6

After giving Trevante access to the portal, Mitsuki falls to the ground, hinting that she either dies saving the world or loses her sense of consciousness. Although it is possible that Mitsuki sacrificed herself for the greater good, it seems more likely that her consciousness passed over to the alien hive mind. Caspar experienced something similar in Invasion season 1 but managed to return to the material world towards the closing episodes of season 2. If Mitsuki’s consciousness has departed her physical body and moved over to the alien hive mind, she will possibly run into Trevante and Caspar since both of them are also on the other side.

What Is On The Other Side Of The Alien Portal

A scene from Invasion on Apple TV Plus

Invasion season 2 reveals that the alien portal leads to a maze with a bright light source at its center. Mitsuki and Caspar also casually mention that the light at the center leads to the alien mothership. These hints suggest that the alien portal gives humans access to the higher dimension in which the alien consciousness exists and operates. Now that Trevante and Caspar are finally inside it, they may together be able to find the answers that humanity seeks. The alien maze Travante finds on the other side of the alien portal has blue wiry objects in its walls, which appear to be the complex neurological connections in the alien’s hive mind.

If Trevante finds a way to destroy these neurological connections from the other side of the portal, humanity might finally win its war against the aliens. The alien portal revelation also suggests that the spiky creatures who kill humans on Earth are not the real aliens. They are mere weapons used by the aliens to retaliate against humanity’s attacks on them. The real aliens probably exist in the mothership on the other side of the portal, and Caspar will likely lead Trevante to them.

The Purpose Of The Alien Shard Explained


The alien claw/shard in Invasion remains one of the biggest mysteries in Apple TV+’s Invasion. In Invasion season 2’s finale, Aneesha explains that, for some strange reason, the aliens seemingly repel the alien shard, making it somewhat of a weapon against them. Luke, too, turns into a weapon against the aliens after staying in contact with the shard throughout seasons 1 and 2. Although Invasion has not yet revealed where the shard came from, it seemingly hints that Trevante can use it as a weapon in season 3 to destroy the alien hive mind.

In Invasion season 2’s ending moments, he waves the alien shard around the walls of the alien maze on the other side of the portal. When he does this, the neurological connections in the wall start dissolving, suggesting that the shard effectively kills the alien and the wiring that connects its hive mind. While it is yet to be seen whether Caspar is on Trevante’s side or being controlled by the aliens, Trevante has the right weapon at his disposal to fight against the alien forces when necessary.

How Invasion Season 2’s Ending Sets Up Season 3

Montage of Invasion actors on Apple TV+

Most underlying mysteries in Invasion remain unanswered after season 2. For instance, apart from revealing the true purpose of the alien shard and its origins, Invasion also has to explain what “wajo” really means. Even the motives of the central alien species remain unknown, and the show has not yet given a concrete answer for why some kids are somehow connected to the alien consciousness and can foresee its actions. Invasion season 2’s cliffhanger ending also takes Trevante and the rest of humanity one step closer to understanding the central aliens. However, only Invasion season 3 will likely reveal what lies on the other side of the portals and whether Caspar is on humanity’s side.


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